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What can you do to save insects?

  • In your back yard avoid plants that need a lot of fertilizers and water. Plant native trees, shrubs, and flowers.

  • Do not buy flowers that have “double” blooms; insects cannot access their nectar because their mouthparts are not adapted to do so.

  • Avoid using “bug zappers” because they are very damaging to insect diversity including all beneficial insects and usually failed to attract mosquitoes.

  • Do not use pesticide and artificial fertilizers. Organic fertilizers (e.g., manure, compost from kitchen) favors insects. Check Beyond Pesticides for the least toxic control of pests in your home.

  • Leave areas with natural ground covers (e.g., leaves) in your backyard.

  • Buy organic cotton clothes, sheets, and towels. Conventional cotton uses an enormous quantity of pesticide with significant negative impacts on insects.


Some insects have sharp skeleton to protect themselves against other insect predation. © Pierre Fidenci

Most spiders (arthropods) are harmless to humans. © Pierre Fidenci

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