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End of the year note and appeal

Despite important ESI victories in 2013, this is no time to rest. Imperiled sharks and tunas still drown needlessly in fishing nets; the Okapi also known as the forest giraffe is now on the brink of extinction, western gorillas keep facing each day the threat of bushmeat and deforestation, and coral reefs are vanishing rapidly.

The result of our hard work found 58 gorillas within 123 km2 of remote rainforest in Congo. However, gorilla population is subject to significant human pressure mainly illegal hunting and deforestation.Our finding is important since gorillas have never been observed before in this part of the country, therefore having deep implications for conservation of endangered gorillas and many other rare species in this region.

In 2013, we continued empowering indigenous people to restore and protect rainforest. Together we planted hundreds of thousands of native trees and protected critical rainforest. With the help of poor local fishermen, we kept restoring and protecting coral reefs and giving a chance to nature to replenish vanishing fish.

In 2013 with your amazing support, we accomplished astounding progress to protect and restore rainforest and coral reefs (two major hot spots for biodiversity), and helped directly many wild imperiled species. These conservation fights are tough and long. They require patience, money, full commitment and passion for nature. As many of you may know, despite facing constant natural and human obstacles such as malaria, extreme weather, and guerilla conflicts, we keep protecting endangered species and wild habitats like no other groups. You can count on ESI to do the hard job.

Concrete results on the ground remain at the heart of ESI. Facts speak clearly. ESI continues to be one of the most effective charities with undoubtedly a strong voice for nature. We are 100 percent independent and devote our resources in the field where endangered species need it the most. In 2013, once again, $0.98 cents of every dollar donated went towards our conservation efforts.

Join us now, your help for 2014 and beyond is the backbone of our progress towards a better world.

To every one of our committed friends and supporters, my deepest thanks.

Pierre Fidenci

Founding Director

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