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Chimpanzees, gorillas and many more threatened species living in the habitats Endangered Species International protects

Endangered Species International (ESI) reveals spectacular and encouraging results from our camera traps. ESI wildlife monitoring team has placed hidden cameras in the tropical forest of the Republic of Congo to survey and monitor threatened animals that we actively protect. The spectacular results are presented below. ESI observed a group of endangered chimpanzees and rare gorillas! The photos presented here are the proof that our conservation activities work as Great Apes are thriving now in our project site. Further, there is no report that gorilla and chimpanzee have been poached for the last four years in our vast project site. This impressive result is due to YOUR SUPPORT, our presence and work in the field, and the crucial involvement of local communities. Further, ESI crosses cultural barriers to achieve protection for Great Apes. Finally, it is important to remember that about 3,000 chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans are still illegally killed or stolen from the wild each year, and your support is the key in achieving conservation results like the ones shown below.

A group of chimpanzees found in our project site.
Photo Copyright Endangered Species International.

A chimpanzee caught on the camera trap early morning.
Photo Copyright Endangered Species International.

A male Chimpanzee caught on the camera trap holding a root of a tree.
Copyright Endangered Species International.

A group of gorillas observed in our project site. On the right, an adult male gorilla known as
silverback leading the way in the forest. At the center, a female gorilla and her infant.
Copyright Endangered Species International.

ESI continuous conservation education program at remote schools and ESI wildlife protection monitoring team in the
rainforest of Congo. Copyrights Endangered Species International

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