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Acquiring Land for Conservation

Endangered Species International (ESI) uses land acquisition as an important tool to protect significant habitats for biodiversity and endangered species especially in the tropics. We focus on the conservation of threatened habitats through land purchase including rainforest, wetlands, and coastal areas.

Acquiring land is vital approach to save wilderness and providing sustainable future for the region concerned. Before acquiring a land, ESI conducts extensive studies to ensure the biological value of the area and clear land rights including restoration potentials. ESI profoundly respects indigenous people's rights, when these are relevant, and empowers them to become managers and conservationists of protected areas.

When wealthy individuals buy land, they rarely establish a sustainable infrastructure to manage the land for the long-term benefit of wildlife; this is yet another good reason for working through local NGOs to save rainforest, wetlands and many other habitats. Donating or selling your land to a conservation organization such as ESI will ensure long-term protection for the property, and does not necessarily entail the loss of access to that land.

Cultural and natural treasures are an important part of our world heritage, and they are increasingly at risk. We must have the will and the means to preserve them. Join us to purchase land for conservation!

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