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Requesting a lecture

Be inspired, be fascinated, and make a difference!

As part of our unique conservation awareness, Endangered Species International (ESI) speaks to groups in both public and private settings. ESI welcomes invitations from schools, organizations, and corporations.

At a time when many animal and plant species are on the verge of extinction around the globe including in the ocean, passionate individuals and groups are dedicating themselves to protect threatened species, wild nature, and support local communities. Our lectures represent a true journey about nature conservation including the ocean, coral reef, rainforest, and endangered animals such as wild gorilla. They are presented in English or French by our Founder and President Pierre Fidenci who has devoted his life to nature conservation around the world. The lectures are unique since they share true field experience in conservation, incredible stories to save endangered animals, and amazing photos taking in the field while protecting rare species and wild habitat. Pierre also presents practical solutions to save biodiversity. Since we spend most of our time in the field, often in remote places, the lectures bring up-to-date and exciting views about conservation of nature and local communities! Our speeches bring a new perspective and challenge some of the conventional ideas of conservation! The lectures are informative, courageous, fascinating, and beautiful!

For requesting a speech/lecture, please fill out the invitation request form and email it to info@endangeredspeciesinternational.org

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