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ESI Training Programs

ESI organized training on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) at Palawan State University.

In January 2007, ESI conducted a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) training with the support of Bp Conservation Programme, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Palawan State University . The training took place in Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan island, Philippines and lasted from January 10-13. Students learned how to conduct a regional conservation assessment using GIS to determine critical conservation areas for an endangered species and to use landscape analysis to determine optimal landscape configurations for conserving endangered species.

The training was very well received and all students passed the final examination. Just a few days later, on January 17, a first group of students departed to Southern Palawan to practically apply what they have learned, and to start research on the critically endangered Philippine forest turte.

Visit our podcasts page to listen to the first module of Jose Don T. Alban's presentation


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