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Volunteers are the backbone of Endangered Species International (ESI)!

Volunteers enable ESI to move forward on many fronts to save biodiversity and natural places. Our volunteers commit their great skills, experiences, and time to our mission and field projects:

  • To protect coral reefs in Southeast Asia.

  • To study and protect endangered animals like the western gorilla in Central Africa.

  • To create and diffuse remarkable awareness and educational materials on biodiversity and endangered species.

  • To plant native trees and protect existing forests.

  • To fight against illegal trade of animals.

  • To support existing endangered species campaigns.

  • To conduct free trainings on biodiversity conservation for local communities.

  • To assist with design and production of communications materials.

  • To help creating protected areas.

Who are ESI volunteers?

Volunteers come from many countries around the world with strong educational backgrounds (at least a Bachelor degree), passion for nature, and previous experience in the conservation and community field. They strongly adhere to our values “Passion for nature, respect all life, integrity, optimism for solving the species extinction crisis, and progress at all levels.” In 2011 volunteers were from England, United States, Taiwan, South Korea, Switzerland, France, India, the Philippines, and the Republic of Congo. They included biologists, eco-tourism specialists, anthropologists, writers, graphic designers, and students. Many of them worked in very remote locations to protect the earth’s biodiversity. A big thank you to all our volunteers.

Available volunteer and Internship position can be found here or write to us at: info@endangeredspeciesinternational.org

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