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Our Environmental Commitment

Endangered Species International (ESI) has one of the most advance neutral carbon free day-to-day operation/activities to reduce human-induced global warming. We are proud to save endangered species and wild places while our carbon emissions are reduced to the minimum possible. This program applies in all our activities.

Our last action to reduce global warming is the use of the latest technology to generate our own potable free electricity directly from the sun while in field saving endangered species. We are delighted to use the SteriPEN with solar charging case to provide purified clear water by destroying viruses, bacteria and protozoa in seconds while being in remote places with no safe drinking water.

At Endangered Species International, we do what we preach, no exceptions!

  • We use 100 % recycled, processed chlorine-free papers with soy based ink.

  • We generate our 100% carbon free electricity in the field from solar energy.

  • While in the field in remote areas, we purify our water using SteriPEN with solar charging case (thanks to our partner SteriPEN). We also provide local communities in needs with safe drinking water using SteriPEN and solar energy.

  • We use rechargeable batteries for our field equipment. Our batteries are recharged using solar batteries chargers.

  • We use minimal electricity consumption. No waste and overuse!

  • We switch to a green energy supplier when available.

  • We recycle all waste materials including paper, cardboard, aluminum can, toner cartridges, and more.

  • Most of our correspondences are via e-mail to reduce paper use.

  • We set printers to print double-sided by default and print only when it is necessary.

  • We buy locally.

  • We avoid using air conditioning in hotels, and we favor places with natural ventilation when available.

  • The use of regular plastic bags is not allowed in our conservation projects! Plastic bags, plastic bottle tops and polystyrene foam coffee cups are often found in the stomachs of dead sea lions, dolphins, sea turtles and others!

  • When we need flagging for our projects, we only use environmentally safe plastic flagging that photodegrades after 6 months.

  • We use rechargeable batteries for our field equipment. Our batteries are recharged using solar batteries chargers. We use mostly eneloop batteries which are rechargeable and reusable 1000 times. Further, the batteries are 100 % recyclable and we recycle them at www.rbrc.org

  • Our website is powered by 100% wind energy.

  • Everybody working with us must get on board with all the above environmental policies.

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