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Latest Actions On The Ground

October 2015
Saving biodiversity, rainforest, and coral reefs. Check out our new gallery here!

September 2015
Project Update: Saving Endangered Gorillas in the Congo.

August 2015
Protecting local biodiversity and you!

July 2015
Artificial reefs that fail to benefit anything.

June 2015
Together we have the clout to force the changes to protect rainforest, ocean, wetlands, and secure a future for plants and animals on the brink of extinction.

May 2015
Illegal Mining in French Guyana Ravaging Rainforests and Indigenous Group Habitats.

April 2015
Freshwater shrimps under serious threats worldwide!

March 2015
Illegal wildlife trade is a crime!

February 2015
Creating and supporting marine protected areas.

January 2015
The human forces that drive wildlife and biodiversity loss never rest, so neither does Endangered Species International.

December 2014
Extinct and endangered amphibians. Learn more and protect!

November 2014
Empowering local communities to protect and restore coral reefs.

October 2014
Every tree planted counts!

September 2014
Approximately 1,200 bird species - 12% of all living bird species - are considered endangered, threatened, or vulnerable. Check out what you can do to help birds!

August 2014
Working closely with indigenous people to ensure that their voices are heard and defended while protecting endangered species. Check out our photo gallery

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