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ESI wins 2013 Top-Rated Award

Endangered Species International (ESI) has won a 2013 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits. Now we are excited to have received Top-Rated Awards for the last two consecutive years. Thanks to all supporters, volunteers, and experts who have shared their experience about us, ESI remains one the most effective and trusted charity.

Furthermore, ESI is great source of inspiration and information for thousands of children (and their parents) around the world. ESI is thrilled to receive incredible feedbacks from schools and children and making them empowered to save endangered species and wild habitats. ESI is no doubt a strong voice for children asking adults to save nature. Many schools conducted fundraising events to support our field activities. The latest one was lead by grade 4FI of the Liverpool Street School in Canada who not only educated the communities about the loss of biodiversity but raised an amazing amount of money to protect wild gorillas, elephants and rainforest. Thank you to all, ESI is thrilled to have you on our side.

Our donors and volunteers chose ESI because:

  • We help wide range of endangered animals.

  • They are impressed that 98% of their donation would go directly to helping animals and their home in the field.

  • We donít waste resources sending toys or stickers as a thank you gift as many other charities do. We simply think it is contrary to our mission and operation at hearth.

  • Donating to ESI will have a stronger impacts than giving to larger organizations for the simple reason that while they claim otherwise, a significant portion goes to maintain staff, large offices, marketing campaigns and the like. ESI uses only 2% for management and operations.

  • Among our staff we have tribal members and we truly empower indigenous people while saving endangered species and wild places via training, livelihood activities and more.

  • To save endangered species and their habitats, on-the-ground people are the ones to set the conservation agenda, not distant academics and non-governmental organizations.

  • Best evidence of our hard work saving endangered species and wilderness can be seen directly in the field.

    Please join us now.
    Your generous support will make invaluable impacts to save endangered species and their vital habitats. Our actions continue to be effective Ė as best evidence can be seen directly on the ground.

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