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Creating and supporting marine protected areas

Twenty percent of coral reefs have already been lost and 35% are seriously threatened by direct human actions such as over-fishing, water pollution and sedimentation. These estimates do not take into account the combined effects of climate change including ocean acidification, raising sea temperatures, sea level rise and more frequent occurrences of large storms

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are one of the best strategies to conserve the ocean and coral reefs. Community-based Marine Protected Areas are usually small-scale marine protected areas under local rules and responsibilities.

The conservation benefits of well-managed MPAs have tremendous positive outcomes for local communities through spillover of fish into local fisheries, mitigation of climatic and environmental threats, and tourism livelihood benefits.

To be effective in restoring and protecting marine life including coral reefs, MPAs requires adequate and sustained capacity and resources, effective communication of rules and regulations, extensive programs of education and awareness, consideration of the values of all stake- holders, and relationships built on trust.

Endangered Species International (ESI) creates and supports MPAs including community-based ones. Throughout our field projects we protect a multitude of life forms including threatened species of stony corals, sharks, sea turtles, and dugongs. Join us to protect marine life!

Marine protected area supported by ESI. Endangered Species International

ESI restores and protects coral reefs. Endangered Species International

ESI supports marine protected areas in the Coral Triangle. Endangered Species International

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