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Stop Illegal Wildlife Trading Project

Illegal selling of endangered species is thriving at local markets, stores, and on the internet around the world! Over the last two years, Endangered Species International documented an outstanding number of endangered species sold illegally in Africa and Asia. In many cases, live animals are kept in poor conditions under immense stress. Threatened animals for sale include many species of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, fishes, and corals. Prices vary from species to species, but can be bought at a very low price at local markets. For example in Asia, a juvenile endangered green sea turtle is sold as a pet for 50 U.S. dollars; in Africa, the hand of an endangered western gorilla is sold for 6 dollars; and in south America, a rare endemic butterfly is sold for 3 dollars. Despite international laws, animal body parts of protected species are traded around the world. For examples, body parts of hawksbill turtle shells, shahtoosh shawls from the Tibetan antelope, and furs from rare otters in south east Asia are found in both black and open markets. Of the estimated 350 million animals and plants being traded worldwide every year, it is believed that 25% is carried out illegally!

Pet trade over the internet has created a new market and pushed many endangered species closest to extinction. It is the case of the Roti Island Snake-necked turtle endemic to the island of Roti in eastern Indonesia. After its discovery in 1994, it has been under intense collection pressure for the international pet trade market to the point where the species has become extinct in the wild!

Increased use of traditional medicine has also spread drastically the trade of rare species. For example, the Asian pangolin populations are rapidly declining due to poaching for use in traditional Chinese medicine. The illegal animal trade favors political corruption, transnational crime, including narcotics and trade in armaments.

With your support, Endangered Species International works in many fronts to save endangered species from the illegal trade and let them live freely in their environment. We conduct patrols in remote areas (anti-poaching effort) where endangered species are illegally captured, increase awareness, find livelihood alternatives, and provide stronger enforcement tools!

Join Endangered Species International to ban illegal trade of endangered animals and plants! They are not for sale!

2010 Endangered Species International

Wild Chimpanzees and bonobos are for sale in Africa.
2010 Endangered Species International

Gorilla hand for sale illegally in Congo. 2009 Endangered Species International

Endangered sea turtle for sale illegally in Asia.
2010 Endangered Species International

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