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Save reptiles

What can you do to save reptiles?

  • Donít buy products (particularly when youíre abroad) made from reptile skins (e.g. handbags, boots made from snake or crocodile skin, jewellery made from tortoiseshell).

  • Donít buy pets if you donít know where they are from Ė ongoing trade in reptile products has a huge effect on the numbers of valuable species in the wild. Even buying tropical species from legal sources increases demand and encourages illegal trading.

  • Join reptile conservation groups and programmes such as Endangered Species International, and aid their efforts to conserve threatened species and habitats.

  • Support legislation worldwide to administer and enforce wildlife conservation and trade laws to protect the most vulnerable species. This could include sending letters to authorities of causes championed by conservation organisations.

  • Encourage preservation of nature, and the creation of parks and protected areas.

  • Help in the fight to minimise global warming by reducing your own carbon footprint, and supporting decision-makers who are fighting climate change.


Falla's skink Oligosoma fallai from New Zealand. © Paddy Ryan

The banded iguana Brachylophus bulabula is endemic to Fiji. © Paddy Ryan

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