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Stopping Illegal Bushmeat Trade - Congo

Commercial hunting for the meat of wild animals has become the most significant immediate threat to the future of many endangered species in Africa. The bushmeat hunting is a large scale practice occurring in many parts of Africa including the most remote places.

The large scale bushmeat hunting also referred as the bushmeat crisis is human tragedy as many indigenous people are losing quickly wildlife therefore threatening their livelihoods and basic food needs. The bushmeat consumption is also a major human health threat since it is linked to deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and Foot disease.

In the Congo and Republic Democratic of Congo, the illegal bushmeat trade is a leading threat to many endangered animals such as chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and many other rare animals. Current data reveal that illegal bushmeat trade in Congo is rampant threatening remaining wild endangered animals.

To stop illegal bushmeat trade of endangered animals and protect wild habitats in Congo:

  • We identify the key regions where urgent actions are desperately needed.

  • We give power to locals to save biodiversity and stop illegal bushmeat hunting of chimpanzees and gorillas.

  • We work with village groups on a personnel level.

  • We use scientific data to generate the best approach.

  • We foster long-term economic alternatives to illegal bushmeat hunting.

  • We create and stimulate community awareness.

  • We understand the community and local areas from traditional knowledge which is a key component in saving endangered animals.

  • We foster the creation of local community natural reserves to protect viable population of endangered animals.

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The endangered mandrill ((Mandrillus sphinx) is another victim of the illegal bushmeat trade Pierre Fidenci

Map of the Republic of Congo

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